Friday, May 16, 2014

Jesus Stopped By to Smell the Roses

I thank Jesus for being the grand manipulator without being manipulating. He always seeks my co-operation during His operation.

I was sitting on the couch beside my friend the coach, staring at the beautiful deep red roses on the coffee table in front of us. Then I saw Jesus. He was smelling a rose and smiling at me. I was the sweet aroma of a rose to Him. This was good. Then I noticed He had his finger on a thorn. He said, "There are thorns as well."

I felt convicted. He had His finger directly on the thorn. He was still looking directly at me, still smelling the rose, enduring the wound I inflicted.

Thank you Jesus.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heaven's Wisdom Available

During this session Jesus showed me a picture of a cone, like an ice-cream cone, wide at the top. There is light across the top of the cone and darkness underneath. He impressed on me that he could direct heaven's wisdom down through that cone to one simple point, a point that hits the mark. He can reveal to me what has to be done or said in any given situation, all I have to do is tune in with my spiritual ears.