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What's this Blooming book about?
Blooming presents everyday experiences in light and amusing fashion while revealing larger truths about God and faith and Christianity. What separates this book from others is an intangible x-factor called authenticity. In effortless writing style, the author mines powerful metaphors that should resonate with Christian women everywhere.

Marian honestly and transparently shares her journey from self-righteousness to accepting the righteousness of Jesus. They Holy Spirit subtly, yet dramatically convicts and convinces her in the nitty gritty of everyday family life to move from a place of living Christianity from her head to someone who would rather live in relationship with Jesus, listening and obeying from her heart.

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Endorsements by Angelina Fast-Vlaar, author of Seven Angels for Seven Days and The Valley of Cancer;  
by Rev. Diane Elms, Gospel Crusade of Canada;
by Christina Belcher, PhD (cand)Associate Professor of Education, Redeemer University College;
and by Linda Fisher, teacher

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Endorsement by daughter, Karen Langelaar

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Blooming, This Pilgrim's Progress

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