Tuesday, May 26, 2009

13 Fruits of Blooming

1) An acquaintance from Owen Sound emailed to say, “I just finished reading your book-- BLOOMING--and thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me laugh and it made me cry and it has also challenged me to be more open about my faith. I admire your honesty and openness. Your willingness to share some very personal stories is commendable.
2) A relative told me reading my book makes her want to pray.
3) Blooming was product of the week at Virtual Christianity.ca last week.
4) John Arnott invited me to be his guest at the I Need More Conference at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. For me this turned out to be one of the most fantastic conferences ever—healings, impartations and just plain drunkenness.
5) Several people told me they are reading Blooming for the third time.
6) A writer friend phones regularly to share her writing and we pray for each other.
7) My mother-in-law bought a copy of Blooming to put in her church library.
8) Blooming is part of Word Alive’s Great Canadian Authors promotion in over 60 bookstores across the country.
9) My daughters and daughter-in-law all enjoyed reading the book.
10) I’ve joined The Word Guild and am making new friends.
11) I’ve joined Facebook and reconnected with lots of friends and acquaintances.
12) Phyllis was healed after reading Blooming and deciding that if God could do it for me, He could do it for her.
13) My Grade 4 teacher reintroduced herself to me and bought a signed copy of Blooming.


Belinda said...

Congratulations on the wonderful success of Blooming. I look forward to seeing it. Perhaps at Write! Canada?

Marian said...

Thanks Belinda. I'll have it there.