Friday, May 29, 2009

Today I Threw My Friend Dini’s Coat in the Garbage

Dini and I were part of a crew of four women cleaning up a few things in Georgina’s apartment. Once in a while Georgina needs a few women to help her get her place in order. The person who arranged our clean-up duty, conveniently happened to be somewhere else.

“You know, I won’t be there,” she sheepishly admitted when she recruited us.

Next time, I'll be the recruiter.

We were ruthlessly going through Georgina’s second bedroom, tossing some things in the garbage, sending some things to the laundry and putting other things in donation bags. I volunteered to bring the garbage to the garbage room. Carelessly I swept up Dini’s $90 coat (all the more valuable because she only paid $10 for it) and included it with the garbage pile.

As we were leaving, Dini asked, “Marian have you seen my blue coat? It has a hood.”

I knew immediately where to look.

I’m glad Dini is good-natured, but I’m still blushing.

Yes, next time I'll be the recruiter.

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