Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Would YOU Buy a Book By This Woman?

According to those who know, a writer must be able to promote her own book. Nobody has time to read even 1/10,000th of the books available. Bookstores don't have room to present all the published works. Thus potential readers will need help discovering my book.

I must present my work and myself. A good impression is what I'm after. That is why I tried to sign up for an image consultation at The Word Guild's upcoming Writer's Conference. I say 'tried' because there was only room for six consultations and I was the seventh in line.

So, I am going with an alternative. I am posting my picture here and soliciting your honest opinions. Would you buy a book by this woman? At her age? Married to that man?


Laura Davis said...

Definitely, because your personality shines through your beautiful smile and your words! I wanted to do the same thing this year at the conference. Honestly, I'm freaking out so much about what I look like that I'm forgetting what really matters - who I am.

I'm looking forward to meeting you face to face Marian!

Marian said...

Hey Laura, thanks for that. I'm looking forward to meeting you as well.

Ellie said...

Definitely!!! This Saturday, in fact:)