Thursday, October 23, 2008

Walking With God

At our weekly ladies' group we are studying the excellent book, Walking with God by John Eldredge.

This past Thursday, we began our study by talking about the GPS (Global Positioning System). GPS, metaphorically speaking, could mean God Please Speak. We can let God direct our steps and He "recalculates" when we head off in our own direction. He is always there with the right instructions, but He doesn't force us to follow His way.

It was noted that men really like having a GPS because then they don't have to ask for directions.

We all agreed that God speaks to us through His word and in countless other ways. Dini shared how He spoke specifically to her through a verse which appeared at the top of her computer screen. Sharon shared how He spoke corporately to the women planning the Olive Connection Conference. Linda shared how He spoke audibly when she needed Him. Sheila (I think it was Sheila) observed that the one time the teacher doesn't speak is when we are having a test.

We read 2 Chronicles 15:2, "The Lord is with you when you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you." The verses following show us that King Asa repented for the nation's sins, removed the idols and repaired the altar. Then he gathered the people "and they entered into a covenant to seek the Lord" (vs.12). Then they celebrated. We concluded that the pattern is first to clean up our stuff by repenting, then agree to seek the Lord and then rejoice because it's a done deal.

What is God up to? According to Romans 2:29,30, He is transforming us into the image of His son. He is "gloriously completing what He has begun." Our part is obedience. Sharon shared several examples of how God goes about His work. Sometimes he hard presses us, as in a mold and then trims off the excess bits. Sometimes He puts us on the potter's wheel and gently shapes us with water (Holy Spirit). Sometimes He uses the circumstances of life to transform us. He is bringing us to the place where "we count it all joy."

God is deeply committed to our transformation. "Give to the lamb the reward for His suffering."

Sharon shared Psalm 25 as a psalm about partnering with God during transformation.

Next week we plan to study and possibly digress from pages 25-37 of John Eldredge's book.

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