Saturday, January 17, 2009

Freida the Cat

Just now as I was sitting at the dining room table writing email on my laptop, Freida our cat jumped up on my lap and settled in. I began petting her, she licked my fingers. This is highly unusual. If you know Freida, she is not a "people cat". She would sooner hiss at you than sit on your lap. And, if you know me, I am not a cat person. I tolerate Freida for the sake of those in our household who want a pet. But, I've noticed that ever since I have taken over the task of cleaning out the litter box, I've been bonding with her. (I think she knows I'm writing about her, she just gave me the eye, from her position over in the hall.) Christina was doing a poor job remembering to clean out the litter box, and I hate nagging, so we came to an agreement. Christina puts clothes away after I do the laundry and I do the litter box. One of the main reasons I hate pets is because of the now this is my job, go figure.


Belinda said...

What a cute cat! I love all of your photos Marian.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the cat litter. I didn't want a cat and S. did so that was the agreement when S. got the cat she was to clean out the litter box and since its a small place and there isn't really a place to put a litter box its in her room. So if it stinks she's the one who smells it most not me. :0)

Marian said...

Thanks for your comments Belinda and Tami. It's encouraging to know there are people out there reading and possibly enjoying my blog. Come to think of it, I'm not very good at leaving comments on people's blogs because of the time it takes.