Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whoops, Did I Say That?

I have a friend who is in the rehabilitation centre down at Chedoke Hospital. Catherine had her leg amputated at the knee and is relearning how to get around. It's a world of wheelchairs, walkers and artificial legs. A bunch of us from church were planning to go to her apartment to de-clutter and organize to make the new way of life easier--wheelchair accessible. Bill was planning to make blocks to put under the legs of the bed to keep the bed from rolling around and to raise it to a height level with the seat of the wheelchair so that a transfer from bed to chair and chair to bed could be done as effortlessly as possible.

Catherine thought her bed was about 18 inches high. I told Bill that since I would be at the apartment the next day, I would measure the height of the bed to give him an exact measurement.

"Who knows," I said, "she could be out by a foot."

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Rod and Bec said...

hehe. That made me laugh.