Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday Morning Confusion

At our end, it was all arranged. On Sunday Marty and I would be taking separate vehicles to church. He had to be there early to practise for a skit for the Christmas program and I would come later after picking up our friend “A” along with three friends she’d invited.

Ring, Ring, Riiiiinnnngg

“Hi, this is ‘B’. Could you pick me up today? My usual ride, ‘C’ is picking up ‘A’ and three friends.”

“I talked to ‘A’ last evening and I’m picking her up,” I said.

We decided ‘B’  would phone ‘C’ and I would phone ‘A’.

“No” ‘A’ said. “‘C’ is picking up my two of my friends. I’m coming with you.”

Ring, Ring, Riiiiinnnnngg.

“Hi this is ‘B’. ‘C’ is going 2 hours early. May I come with you?”


Ring, Ring, Ring.

“Hello, this is ‘D’. ‘B’ phoned me and mentioned you are picking her up at 3:30. You can’t pick her up 3:30.
We have to practise the skit at 3:30.”

“I’m not in the skit.”

Ring, Ring, Riiiiinnnnggg.


“Why is mom screaming like a banshee?”

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