Monday, February 13, 2012

A Feast for the Visiting Missionaries

God has been blessing this community through Della Tyrrell Ministries. Pastor Frances and Thata and The Father's Church went all out to show their appreciation at the 10 year anniversary. Thata admitted she stayed up almost all night (she slept two hours) in preparation for this day of celebration.

I have never felt so undeservedly honoured in my life. This is my first visit while Della has been coming for years. It  reminds me of Jesus' parable in which the person who comes along at the end of the day gets paid just as much as the one who has been slogging since early morning.

Lobster, rice and various side dishes including veggies from Ontario Christian Gleaners cooked in batter (see it positioned at one o'clock in relation to the lobster dish).

We finish up with coconut milk.

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