Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Did I End Up in Kenya?

It began with a casual facebook chat. In early February my friend Della of Della Tyrrell Ministries, mentioned a wedding in Kenya. Her spiritual son, Gavin, a young man she had met in Nigeria would be marrying his true love in Kenya on March 2nd.

Gavin and Mom Della
 Della had been invited to attend as the mother of the groom (Gavin's blood parents would not be able to be at the wedding). She asked me if my bags were packed. Della wanted me to come along as the intercessor and photographer.

My spirit leapt (a very cool feeling). I said I would have to talk to God and my accountant (who is my husband). My accountant didn't think I should go. Tax season with dozens of people coming to our home office door was starting up and I am the receptionist. Also, just who would run the household?

Then I had a chat with God. He told me the trip to Africa was ordained. And, to give my husband time to decide.

So I waited.

Every few days Dave would ask more questions about Della's trip. What would she be doing there? How long would the trip be? Would she go if I didn't go?

In the meantime Gavin was busy planning his wedding and setting up a mission itinerary.  Della would be ministering at several churches, and possibly at an orphanage.

We would have to purchase tickets by February 8th if we wanted them at a decent price. At noon on February 8th Dave looked at me and said, "I think you should go to Africa." I phoned Della and suddenly Della and I were booked on a plane to Nairobi, two weeks from the day.

Every evening until departure, I prepared two meals--one to tuck in the freezer with instructions attached. My youngest, Christina needed money for a school trip to China and was eager to take over my chores. I made a detailed list of jobs: sweep the kitchen floor, clear up the breakfast dishes, do laundry, run the vacuum, and prepare the meals. This list totalled 22 hours of work. She signed up smiling.

Everything fell into place.

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