Friday, June 22, 2012

Scenes from a Small Roadside Market

Lydia and Harron took us to this Sunday afternoon market. It's on a little plot of roadside in front of a plaza in the middle of countryside. There are three stall keepers here. They have a wide variety of objects for sale. Great place to practise bartering.


The lady on the left is a volunteer from Holland in Kenya on her own dime. She planned to spend a year in Kenya offering her help where needed. She is finding that people want her money more than her time. She is almost out of money and still has six months left on her stay. This is one very sun-burned lady.

The lady on the right hangs around the market asking people for money. She shows a time-worn promotional card about a walk-a-thon, along with a picture of herself with a group of children in front of a hut.

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