Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rest & What God is Giving

Three words you associate with rest:




Where do you rest?

on the couch

in nature

lying down or feet curled up


in my car

What do you take with you?

the Bible

a book


How often do you rest?

hardly ever



We started our women's Thursday morning gathering with the above exercise.

We also talked about what God is giving. Sometimes we ask for one thing and He gives us something else. In our collective experiences, He inevitably gives something better than what we expect.

Here are two experiences. (I've changed the names.)

Several years ago at a church service, "Rose" went forward for prayer. She was asking God for healing for aches, pains and allergies. An elderly couple prayed for her. Immediately she felt the tangible presence of God. His weight was tangible. Nothing else mattered anymore. There was only the Word: Jesus--an immense love and profound rest. The Lord's tangible presence stayed with Rose for days. She didn't concern herself in the least about an important court case which would be coming up in three weeks and involved the future of her family. She was totally at peace. God's presence during this extremely stressful time was the gift. The physical healing came later. (By the way, the court case was dropped for lack of evidence.)

"Daisy" came to Flamborough Christian Fellowship looking for a quick fix--"in and out" healing. She asked for and expected a light dusting, while the Lord is doing a major spring cleaning. God is healing old hurts and transforming her life.

These are two of the stories that stood out.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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