Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gleaned from Christmas Letters…

Life is a journey.

Justin also completed the Boston marathon on April 20, five days before Joseph (his son) was born. Needless to say, we were all relieved when Justin returned home!

We gave Ryan a set of drums for his birthday, and he faithfully plays them every day….He has music in his bones.

As proud grandparents, we can unabashedly say that he is the most handsome little boy you could ever imagine.

Turkeys require a lot of care and monitoring when they are young, but as they grow they become increasingly “impossible to kill.”

The five youngest kids are doing great. They all averaged over 80% first term—awesome! So, they get a box of Smarties for being so smart.

By the time July hit, we were more than ready to get outside and enjoy the summer, but unfortunately, it never really showed up this year.

Anco had a little altercation with a chainsaw and sustained a nasty cut just above his left knee.

We didn’t go anywhere this year.

Live is not without challenges.

I'll cook a Butterball Turkey for anyone who can correctly identify the author of any five of the above.


Anonymous said...

1)The one about the marathon is the Gritters. 2) The one about turkeys is Karen and Clint. 3) The one about smarties is the DeBoers. 4) The one about Anco is the Farnehorsts but I don't know how to spell their name. 5) The one about Ryan playing the drums is Patty and Mario.


Marian said...

And the winner is...Suzanne! One turkey dinner coming up.

Leida Dykstra said...

Since I do not read your Christmas mail...the only one I can comment is: ...Life is a journey...
...the Dykstra's!!!

Does that warrant the neck of the turkey so we can make soup?