Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Got to MissionFest Despite My GPS

It’s a good thing I know that Markham Road is in Scarborough or I would have listened to my GPS and headed up to Brampton. It’s a good thing I was certain MissionFest was in Scarborough or I would have doubted that Markham Road is in Scarborough and would have possibly listened to my GPS at the 18 opportunities it gave me to turn around as I doggedly headed across Toronto on the 401 toward Markham Road.

On occasion I have viewed following a GPS as a picture of what it is like to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. You can trust the Holy Spirit to guide you just as you can trust your GPS to get you where you have to go.

But, sometimes the GPS gets it wrong. Maybe I put the address in wrong. Maybe because I haven’t updated the GPS, it is not aware of a 1250 on Markham Road in Scarborough which happens to be a brand new building.

The Holy Spirit never gets it wrong. But, sometimes we get the Holy Spirit wrong. Maybe our spirit isn’t in tune with what He is really saying. Maybe we try to hear what we want to hear. If what we are hearing doesn’t line up with the Bible, we can know this is not the Holy Spirit speaking.

I knew my GPS was wrong because I knew a bit about Toronto.

If I know the Bible says “Thou shall not steal” then I know the Holy Spirit won’t tell me to rob a bank even for a good cause. God can’t contradict Himself. His Word is truth and His Spirit speaks only truth.


Laura Davis said...

My GPS kept directing me to turn right into the Write! Canada conference last year, when it was clearly on my left. I am so glad, the Holy Spirit is more reliable than a GPS! Great post Marion.

Marian said...

Thanks Laura.