Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First We Dispense With Distractions...

Caroline phoned to see if I would help set-up a prayer station in the True City 24/7 prayer room.

Staring idly at the Scrabble board on the computer screen in front of me, I answered, “Sure, I’ll help.”

She described her ideas for the station—pebbles, a gazebo, a TV to switch off, and baskets to fill. She said, “People will strip away their concerns, worries and distractions and then…”

I saw my next Scrabble move on the screen: ‘ooze’ placing my ‘z’ on a triple letter. Wow, 33 points. Triple wow!

“…before they move on to the other stations,” Caroline finished.

What did I miss? Should I pretend I know what’s going on? Or should I swallow my pride and ask?

I asked.

She repeated, “When all the other distractions are removed, they will be able to hear and write down what God is saying.”

Later that day, while reading Judges, chapter two, the Lord impressed on me that hearing His voice—as wonderful as that is—is not the ultimate goal. We must also do what He says.

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