Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Answer to My Simple Question

(continued from previous post)

I stood in line. I wondered if the lady at desk 4 may have taken the time to warn the person at the information desk about me. Now that was a paranoid thought.

Twenty minutes later, the lady at the information desk patiently listened to my question, but wasn’t sure about the answer.

She referred me to the man at the desk next to her who was taking applicants for the road test and just happened to be wanting to ask her to do something for him. Inadvertently he heard my question.

The man said my daughter would have to go online before September 27th (when her five years was up) to book her test. She would have to take the date offered and she couldn’t just pick a convenient date during the Christmas break even if she lived out of province.

A simple and straightforward answer to my simple question.

I thanked them both and left.

(to be continued)

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