Monday, November 21, 2011

Mission to the Philippines

The day after Della of Della Tyrrell Ministries and Dave and I arrived in the Philippines, Pastor Roy took us to Tondo (near Smokey Mountain) where he has a church and runs a feeding program for children in the neighbourhood.


The people here are squatters. They haul in garbage to scavenge.
Pastor Roy’s church provides the children with a place to bath.



There is a Bible lesson. Pastor Roy also provides some basic schooling.


Time for worship.


We participated in the feeding of at least 300 children. The children bring whatever containers they have. Here Dave and Della are spooning up a soup of rice, water, hot chocolate powder, and condensed milk.


Pastor Roy advises this little girl to wait until the soup cools down before she carries it home to share with her family.



(to be continued)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Pastor Roy Malpas, yes I 'm ministering saints in the slum area or in the dump site. These people need the Lord, only Him can change the destiny of their lives. The children which is our next generation must hear the Word, so we teach them, we show Christ's love to them by bathing them and give them something to eat. Pastor Della is our partner in this mission Work.

Thank you Pastor Della Tyrrell for helping us. Your help really encourage us to do more in the Kingdom of God. God be magnified for little children coming to Jesus.