Thursday, November 24, 2011

Philippines – meeting our sponsored child

On our second full day in the Philippines we left Manila and  flew to Mindanao, an island in the north. 


An aerial view of one small part of Manila.

Our Father's House

We stayed at Our Father’s House in RTR, an hour’s drive from Butuan.

Della Tyrrell Ministries helped Pastor Lumba establish this Children’s Home which doubles as a church. The Father’s House began when the Lumbas opened their home to about 20 children whose families had abandoned them. Things have improved greatly since the days when the children slept on the floor and there was not always enough to eat.

 Pastora Gregoria Lumba Pastor Memucan Lumba

Pastora Lumba and Pastor Lumba.


Now there are separate dormitories for boys and girls with beds for everyone.


A number of the residents of the home (present and past).


Dave and I are posing with Wynne Faye, our “adopted” daughter. She is in an agriculture course at the local university.

DSC_1921 DSC_1467

Joymar is washing up at the water from the artesian well, the digging of which was gifted by a supporter of Della Tyrrell Ministries. 


One of the children sweeping the floor in the church sanctuary which doubles as living area.


Dave and I were privileged to take over Pastor and Pastora Lumba’s bedroom. Notice the air-conditioner.


Pastor Lumba and Richard (a Bible school student) tuning up the motorbike.


Snacks are served.


One of the children keeping the flies off our lunch.


Wynne-Faye and Richard at Richard’s birthday dinner.


Suzanne said...

I am really enjoying viewing these pictures. Thanks for posting them! I am struck by the beauty and warmth of the people of the Philippines.

Marian said...

There are lots more pictures to come. I just couldn't stop taking them.