Friday, December 2, 2011

Captain H – a legend in his own time


Captain H tells us about his challenges as a police captain in the mountainous regions of Mindanao where the rebels are attempting to set up their own state. There are numerous kidnappings and attacks on mining companies. Mindanao is a mineral rich area. Rich as in billions of pesos worth of nickel, gold and copper are being extracted from the ground each day and shipped off to Japan and China. As H say, “You can pick up money like stones.”

The mountainous areas of Mindanao have become a red alert zone. We were scheduled to talk to Mr. H’s men, but that was wisely changed when kidnappings and killings escalated.


These are Captain H.’s books. One day he was in his room praying when he decided to get up and walk around. Minutes later one of his men came back from manoeuvres, knocked his machine gun against a table and the bullets came flying through the wall into the Captain’s room.

DSC_1880 DSC_1887t

Notice the bullet holes in the wall in Captain H.’s room.


A picture of an abandoned rebels’ nest.  In the distance you can make out the site where the Captain’s men were situated and being shot at. 


Captain H. sharing stories with Pastor Lumba and Dave.

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