Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wow, Is This the Same Place?

In 2008 Della was asked to come bless the Narra Public School. This was something that a priest would ordinarily do. But, the priest wanted money, so Pastor Francis suggested to the school that he knew someone who would come and bless the school without requiring to be paid. He brought Della to the school and she BLESSED it in the name of JESUS.


The School as we saw it in when we visited with Della three years later in November 2011.


A second-floor hallway…November 2011.


The School as it appeared in 2008.


The School’s vision and mission as stated in English in a booklet about the renovation of the school.


The change involved many parental volunteer hours. The school also received a school improvement grant from the government.



The staff at Narra Public school posing with Della, Dave and myself.

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