Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before the Wedding

Our trip to Kenya began with the announcement of a marriage. Gavin was living in Kenya where he had met his true love, Linda. Gavin contacted his spiritual mother, Della, to tell her they would be marrying in three weeks time. But, Gavin was from Nigera and his parents would not be able to attend his wedding. Della knew in her heart that she should be at that wedding. She did not want to go by herself to a place she had never been before. She invited me. I prayed about it. Talked to Dave about it. We prayed about it. A week later Della and I were booked on a flight to Nairobi.

Linda has the final make-up touches applied.

Our friend, Lydia, admires the bride.

Linda, the bride with her flower girl and Lydia.

Adjusting the veil.

Just look at those beautiful roses!

Lydia and Mama Della ready to get into a vehicle as well. Della is wearing a dress made in Nigeria.

Linda coming out of her father's house.

Time to get into the car. 

The Bridal Car in the procession on the way to the ceremony.
Della has a few words with the groom. 

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