Thursday, April 5, 2012

Street Scenes on the Way to Pastor Frances' House

One of the pastor's daughters closes the gate behind us once we arrive at her home. It's not safe to leave the car out in the street in this area.
At his home Pastor Frances and his daughters served us a meal. (The pastor's wife was in an other city attending a Bible College.) The family was very much looking forward to her return.

Pastor Frances told us a little bit about his history...this was his fourth church. In the past, each time the church he planted would thrive and grow and then the overseers (under whom the church was registered) would send him away and they would take over the church. At the last church which had grown to over 200 members, the overseers contacted the police to help them because they anticipated that the people would be adverse to letting their beloved pastor go.

Pastor Frances said that Della's message encouraged him greatly by speaking directly to his situation. Part of her message dealt with how God restores.

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