Friday, August 9, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (131)

(a novel continued)

“We were listening to the radio one day and this preacher came on describing sin, and a life of sin. He said it wasn’t fair the way we blamed God for creating us with a desire to sin, when we were the ones that brought it on ourselves. 
That preacher had my attention because I was going to shoot him down, but first I had to hear him out. The way he told it...he said the devil brought sin into the world. Mankind sinned and was filled with desire to sin. We all carry in us original sin which we inherited from Adam. We all have this innate propensity to want things that don’t belong to us, to lie, to steal, to cheat. We fight these desires because there are laws against such things and we don’t want to bear the punishment. He also mentioned that it used to be that the laws of the land lined up with God’s laws, but just because something isn’t against the law of the land doesn’t make it right. That was just an aside.
“He said that God writes a law on our heart. He also said that if we accept Jesus as our Saviour, we accept His payment for that sin that is in each one of us. That doesn’t mean the desire goes away, but He paid the price for that sin. He took the punishment. And, He helps us fight against wrong desires if we accept Him.

“Now this is the crazy part. Henry and I looked at each other and decided we could put this thing to the test. We had nothing to lose. To be honest the sex part of our relationship was getting a little old. So, we actually got down on our knees and confessed that we had given into our sinful desires. We asked Him to forgive us. Then we asked Jesus to come into our hearts and take over, to be the Lord of our lives. All those Sunday School lessons weren’t wasted you know. We asked him to help us fight against our wrong desires.”
“I can’t begin to describe the peace, the joy, the freedom....” Henry said.
“It was like a thousand pounds lifted off me,” George said.
“I felt, I still feel so clean,” Henry said.

“The neat thing is we are still buddies.” George said, “and that sexual attraction I used to feel is absolutely gone. It’s a miracle. I know it is.”

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