Saturday, August 10, 2013

Minnie Goes to Heaven (132)

(a novel continued)

“Well praise the Lord,” John proclaimed. 
Minnie hugged the boys. “Welcome into the family of God. I guess we know what this means, eh John.”
Henry and George looked a little puzzled.
“Did you notice the for sale sign on the lawn.
“Missed that,” George said.
Minnie and John told them about the deal with the Lord, including the fleece.
“So, you are the ones to thank.” Henry said.
“You could say that,” John said, “But, we were only following the Lord’s leading.”
Just then Mary came home. “Hey, George, Henry, what’s up?”
“Notice anything different?” George said.
“You look kind of happy.” Mary ventured.
“We are,” Henry said.
“Okay, you won a lottery.”
“No, guess again.”
“You’ve decided to buy the house.”
“There’s an idea,” George said. “We’ll have to consider that one.”
“We’ll give you a good price,” John said.
“Too bad the realtor is already involved,” George said.
“Okay, I give up,” Mary said.
“We gave up too,” George said. “We belong to Jesus now.”

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