Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jesus Says, "Trust Me"

At the beginning of this Immanuel session, Jesus reminded me of the time I left my purse hanging on the back of a chair in Tim Horton's. I got home before I realized I didn't have my purse with me. It took me a few minutes to figure out where I might have left the purse and that just about everyone who walked into that Tim Horton's would have to walk past the back of that chair to place an order. Yikes. I prayed it would still be there. Then I headed straight back to the coffee shop. A good half hour had passed by the time I dashed in hoping and praying some kind soul had turned the purse in.

To my surprise the brown leather purse was right where I left it, hanging on the back of the chair. No body noticed as I snatched it back. I thanked the Lord all the way home. Then He impressed on me that He was taking care of my daughter, the same way as He had taken care of that purse. (My daughter hadn't been home for some time and I didn't trust the people she was with.)

At this point in the session I thanked Jesus for being trustworthy and for doing what He says He will do. I thanked Him for loving me and for taking care of my family.

Then the coach in the session asked me if I could see Jesus in the room we were in.

I saw him, but he was turned away from me, sitting talking with his hand on someone else's shoulder. I asked him what he wanted me to know.

Jesus said, "You've removed yourself from me."

I asked him to forgive me and told him I wanted to be back in his presence.

He came over and put his hand on my shoulder.

I feel warm and forgiven in his presence.

He assured me that his way was the best way.

He asked me if I trusted him.

Even though a few minutes earlier, when he reminded me of the purse incident and I thanked him for being trustworthy, now I said it was a scary thing to simply trust.

Jesus said, "I'm right here. I'll take you through the things you are going through. My way is the best way."

His hand is still around me and I know he will take through everything I am gong through right now. I can definitely trust him..

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