Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dealing with my NaNoWriMo Novel

In November 2015 along with 1000's of other people from all over the world I signed up to write a novel in a month. For a month I wrote 2000 words per day, six days a week.

At the end of the month I received a NaNoWriMo certificate, which I have since misplaced, and a Winner's T-shirt which I let myself buy...for big bucks if you include the exchange rate.

Oh yes, and I also have a 202-page manuscript which I printed out in January and finally finished reading in February. This manuscript needs work, lots of work. Right now I have a rough first draft with inconsistencies and extraneous details.

So now what? I've decided to share my work with you. As I work through this thing, I'll be posting the edited bits. My hope is that the story will capture your attention. My other hope is that since I am brave enough to post this thing in its imperfect second draft, you will be equally brave enough to point out the flaws. Comments are solicited and welcomed. If you start reading and then decide you can't be bothered, tell me why. If the story is confusing or annoying, or just plain boring let me know. If you are appreciating the story, let me know that as well.

The Controller

Random bit:

Allen feels like a waffling procrastinator. "Lord I hate my life."

I love you Allen.

Lord, You can't love me; I don't deserve your love.

I love you Allen.

I'm cheap, nasty, uncommitted, judgemental and hateful. How can you love me?

I love you Allen.

I can't even do what you ask me to do I don't want to go to that church. I hate Pastor John. I hate my job. I hate going to work and not doing anything. I hate making decisions. 

I love you Allen.

I haven't even read your Word for the last month, how can you love me? Jenny and I don't get together to pray any more. My life is pretty well meaningless.

I love you Allen.

Allen puts on his alligator pyjamas and crawls into bed. It's only seven o'clock. He dreams strange crazy dreams that don't make sense. 

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