Monday, June 6, 2016

The Controller - Installment #14 in which Allen and Jenny plan a road trip

The rest of the week Allen has lots to deal with at work. The figures for the quarterly report are pathetic. He double checks to see if all the numbers are actually recorded. They are. Income is down, very down.
He calls Jenny in to his office, “I’ll have to visit our outlets. I know it’s not in your job description, but could you draw up a schedule for me? I can do the two here in the city next week and then do a bit of a tour through the province the following week.  Give me about five outlets per day...I know I can't possibly do them all. Skip the ones in North Bay, Sudbury and Marathon, all the ones up north…they seem to be doing okay.”
“Shall I let them know you are coming?
“No. Surprise visits will get me to the bottom of things faster. Actually it might be better if you come along? An extra pair of eyes won’t hurt.”
“Shall I book accommodations?”
“Of course.”

They are all earthly business now, but wait until they get alone together in the confines of a vehicle for all those hours and then those evenings together. More work for Marvel and I coming up I do believe…

Nick revisits the office on Friday. “Looks like I won’t need this.” He flips the $10,000 ABC cheque onto Allen’s desk. The case is all but settled. Gold will be flowing our way by as early as next week.”
“What about the refinery?”
“We are still looking for investments for that, but for now I’ve made a deal with a place in Sudbury. They will be able to help us initially. Okay have to run. ”

Nick is out of the office before Allen can even hope to talk to him about ABC.  At least  the cash flow is back in good order. This will make his next few weeks somewhat easier.

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