Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Controller - Installment #15 in which Mork appears

On Sunday Allen drags himself back to Powerhouse. He arrives earlier this time before the Sunday morning hoopla begins.
His sister greets him in the foyer, “Allen, I just knew you would be back. Next thing you know, you’ll  join.”
Allen hesitates, “I was thinking about that.”
“Really and truly?”
“Well, I am…considering...” 
“Here, let me introduce you to Pastor John.”
The pastor strides up with his hand out, “You must be Melanie’s brother. I can see a resemblance.” He grabs Allen’s hand and shakes it heartily.
“My brother is thinking about joining our church.”
Allen cringes and shoots up a silent prayer, ‘Lord, do I have to actually join?’
Pastor John holds onto his hand for an eternity, “Well, I sincerely hope you enjoy our presentation today. Just keep coming and we’ll consider you one of the flock.”
Silently Allen thanks the Lord that he doesn't have to sign anything.
“I'm on nursery duty. I'll catch you after,” Melanie says as she heads off. 
Allen sits in an aisle seat halfway up. He observes as all across the room people raise their hands and jump up and down to the banging of the drums. He wants to praise the Lord, but he can’t make himself become part of this. He closes his eyes and prays quietly, ‘What am I doing here? I love you Lord like the song says. I do love you Lord. Lead me. Guide me. Direct me.’ Surprisingly he feels warmth and a quiet joy. He smiles. 
Mork, the ever attentive angel, hovers.  Here comes trouble.
Three young men approach. One of them taps Allen on the shoulder. “Allen, would you like prayer?” Allen recognizes these fellows as the prayer team Pastor John introduced at the beginning of worship.
“Right now?”
“No better time.”
The young men surround him, placing their hands on his shoulders and back and begin softly muttering. Suddenly, one of the men speaks clearly and directly, “Come out of him in the name of Jesus. Slumbering spirit you are evicted. This man will praise loudly and freely.”
Allen opens his eyes as the young men withdraw to the back of the room.
How did they know his name?   Allen prays, “Dear Lord was that real?” He waits, listening with his spirit. 
You will know me by my love. 

At this point Mork initiates human formwith added glow. God did suggest creativity.  He pulls up a chair on the aisle side of Allen. Hey buddy, I heard what they were praying…a little disconcerting. Those boys have good hearts, but they’ve had some rather poor guidance lately. Pray that they will see the truth and be set free. I know the Lord has sent you here for a purpose. Pay close attention to His direction. Pray often and I will help you as much as angelically possible. He picks up his chair and is gone.

Allen definitely wants to ask this fellow some questions. He looks around, and heads toward the back of the church, searching faces. In the dim light it is difficult to make out anyone’s features and in his mind he doesn’t have a solid image of the man. He remembers a white shirt and tie, and a slightly receding hairline. 
Maybe the fellow went outside.  Allen tries to walk past the greeters at the door, but one of them confronts him, blocking his way.  “Are you leaving sir?”
“Did you see a tall fellow in a white shirt go out just now?”
“Nobody has left...we'd know.”

Allen shrugs and returns to the sanctuary. He makes a mental note to ask Melanie about the man. He should have asked him his name.

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