Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Joining Toastmasters

"Have you ever tried this - asked God what to read in the Bible?" That was an intriguing question presented in the lesson for our study of Walking With God by John Eldredge. I like intriguing questions. So, I asked God, "What should I read in the Bible. In my mind, I heard, "I Corinthians 15" which is exactly where I left off reading on my way through the Bible.

About five days later, yesterday morning, when I had finished both books of Corinthians, I asked the Lord again, "What should I read?" I also asked Him if I should join the toastmasters club. I have been toying with the toastmaster idea for some time. I never did anything about it. But soon my book will be coming out and I will want to promote it. Promoting means public speaking. I don't do that very well. So the toastmaster question was at the forefront of my mind, even ahead of, "What should I read?"

I presented my two questions to the Lord and waited. I heard, "Titus 2." I flipped over to Titus chapter 2 in my Message Bible and read, "Your job is to speak out..." The rest of the chapter is pretty good too. I underlined most of it.

Last night I attended a Steeltown Toastmasters meeting. It was fun. I'll be joining next week. Thank you Lord.

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