Friday, November 21, 2008

Spiritual Attacks

Have you ever been with a group of women you can trust completely? You can share your untried opinions, tell your most secret thoughts, reveal unsavoury history, be completely vulnerable and know you are safe? That's what our Thursday morning study group is like. This past Thursday nine of us gathered around Linda's delicious cheeseball at Dini's to share our ideas and insights on, "You shall Know Them by Their Fruit" and "Do It Now" (pp 50-56 in John Eldredges book, Walking with God). We could feel God's love in the love and respect we held for each other.

Depending on our background and circumstances we each have ways we naturally deal with spiritual attack. We read psalms, we praise God, we pray in tongues, we plead the blood, we call on Jesus' name, we put on the armour, and sometimes we out and out rebuke the enemy.

Sometimes we don't recognize we are being attacked. We have a hard time believing that there is an enemy that hates us. Who could hate me?

Sometimes the enemy simply distracts us, gets us doing anything rather than study the Word.

We concluded our best strategy is to stay connected to our Lord and follow His direction like the well-trained soldiers we are.

Those are the generalities. I'd be breaking a trust if I shared the raw, real, right from the heart stuff.

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