Friday, March 12, 2010

Climate Change

A few weeks ago, Lizzy asked me what I thought about climate change. I told her what we do as humans on this earth can only very slightly change the climate and that climate is part of a bigger equation that we can’t do much about. So, I wasn’t going to worry about climate change.

This week Lizzy informed me that when her teacher asked, “So, what did your parents say about climate change?” she answered, “My mother doesn’t believe in it.”

This caused a slight change—awkward pause—in the classroom climate.


Rachel said...

AAAAAAAAAAAH you said that?? I thought only Christian fundamentalists south of the Mason-Dixon Line still taught their children that.

Marian said...

Hi Rachel, I'd been interested to hear your insights on climate change.

Leida Dykstra said...

Gerald and I just went on a cruise around the bottom of South America

...the tour director said: "people ask me about climate change. This morning I saw pictures of women swimming in the ocean during the 1800's. This afternoon I walked by the pool where women were swimming.
...Ja, global warming for sure!"