Monday, March 1, 2010

What the Olympics Did for Me

What a great way to spend February…watching fellow Canadians live their dream.

The elation.

The disappointment.

The courage.

The pain.

The joy.

The agony.

The superhuman effort.

The beauty.

The despair.

The relief.

The unity.

It was all there and I felt like I was part of it. When I went cross-country skiing with Amanda on Thursday, we were Canadian athletes on a practice run. When I went to Lizzy’s basketball tournament on Saturday, her team was playing for Gold and came home with a Silver.

Life suddenly mattered more. The games stirred up joy in taking ownership, in caring about outcomes, in participating with my heart.

I want life to matter. I want this blog to matter. I want the book I’ve written to matter. I want the book I'm writing to matter.

I want God to say, “Well done good and faithful servant!” every day of my life.


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Sorry Amanda, Got your names mixed up. Must be one of those mom moments.