Friday, March 5, 2010

Washing a Packet of Five Gum

Five Gum

These Machines

This is what happens to a packet of Five Gum left in the pocket of a sweater washed and dryed in this laundry equipment.
Note: except for the colour change...that didn't happen.


Anonymous said...

Nice washer and dryer !!! Did washing take away all the taste?

Anonymous said...

So were their clothes wrecked in the process with all that gum being heated up. I'm sure we've had things like that happen in our washing machine hard candies ect. I think we even had to re-wash.

Marian said...

We don't know about the taste. No one wanted to try the gum.

There were little bits of cardboard from the outer package all through the laundry but the gum didn't attach itself to anything. The clothes were fine.