Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bowl of Peaches

I came away from our church leadership meeting wondering about my contribution in the body of Christ. What am I doing with my gifts? What am I doing as the hands of feet of the Lord? What is my contribution?

I pray for people—when it occurs to me. I mostly let other people do what they like to do, without interfering or helping—unless asked.

I take my turn in the toddler’s nursery. I take my turn making coffee. I join in worship. I listen to the message. I’m available to pray for people if they want prayer.

I have faith. I truly believe God answers our prayers. I believe He heals people.

I’m inclined to encourage people.

The morning after the church leadership meeting I woke up with a picture in my head. I saw a punch bowl filled with cut-up peaches. The bowl sat in the centre of a long table covered with a white table cloth and up on a stage.

There were no other dishes on the table.

There were no chairs around the table.

Instead of a ladle, there was a paint brush—the kind you would use to paint a house—in the bowl with the peaches.

Does the picture I saw have anything to do with the church leadership meeting?


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