Friday, June 4, 2010

My Son-in-Law Will Sell Me His Grain Elevator—$1

Saskatoon 055Saskatchewan is synonymous with grain elevators. Steve and Angela have a grain elevator of their very own right on their property.

You can climb up inside and look out for miles around. On the prairie this isn’t really necessary because if you’re not behind a bush or a building, you can look out for miles around anyway. According to Steve the grain elevator is just a place for rats to live.

I told him it was a landmark. There aren’t as many grain elevators in Saskatchewan as there used to be. The grain elevator is a great way to find his farm. He laughed. According to him prairie people don’t need such obvious landmarks. I think they count roads or look at stone piles.

So he’ll sell me the grain elevator for one dollar, provided I fix it up for about 36 thousand dollars (for insurance purposes).

I’ll have to speak to my accountant.


Yo said...

next time I'm driving across the prairies I think I'll ask if I can climb it!!

Marian said...

You better hurry Yo. If I don't buy it, they'll tear it down.