Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Cat—From Dog to Prairie Dog

Our cat’s personality has changed. She used to race to all corners of the house chasing after her little bell ball. She would proudly pick up the ball with her teeth and trot it back to whoever tossed it.

Then we had her de-clawed.

That was about three months ago. Since then she has become a very careful cat. She always protects her paws. She sleeps more and stands around like a little gopher. She rarely looks at the bell ball.



Suzanne said...

Why did you have to get her declawed? You have created a monster! Although she is still sweet-tempered, she appears to think she is some kind of kangaroo!

Laura Davis said...

Getting a cat de-clawed is equivalent to someone coming along and chopping off your fingers to the knuckle. It is no surprise her personality has changed. She's probably wondering why you did such a horrible thing to her. Marion I'm sorry to be so straightforward but declawing is a form of animal abuse and any vet that does it, should turn in his license.

Suzanne said...

Laura, I would tend to agree with you that it is an extremely painful and damaging procedure, especially if the cat is past a certain age. Even fixing a cat can be damaging and difficult, if done too late especially.

Suzanne said...

Laura, just to reassure you. Tungsten aka Socks is settling well, and maybe in another five months will no longer feel her paws are useless and will no longer feel the pain in her paws. I know that is a very long time for a cat, but every one in the house does love and care for her, and she never goes outside and we are trying to keep it that way. She is still a good mouser I think and a wonderful cat. I call her Ms. W. I am praying she will be able to stay... In my opinion her vet did a wonderful job, but she was so small it was hard to determine her age for the vet. Also we had to wait between "fixing" her and the declawing, which is probably a good thing, sort of.