Monday, November 15, 2010

Cancerous Thoughts

When you have something physically wrong with you, what is your first thought?

I have a friend who espouses that in this day and age, when we find an unfamiliar spot on our skin or feel a pain, our question becomes, “Is this cancer?”

I didn’t believe her, but now since she presented her theory, every time I suffer any kind of pain, "Is this cancer?" does float across my mind.

There was a spot on my leg. It grew as the months passed. I went to the doctor. She gave me cream for nummular eczema. Is that all?

I burned the roof of my mouth and a blister developed. My mother had mouth cancer which started with blisters in the mouth. Even though I knew my blister developed after burning my mouth with very hot soup, cancerous thoughts attacked me.

My question: Is the fear of cancer a carcinogen?

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Laura Davis said...

While I have had skin cancer, "cancer" in general never crosses my mind when I get sick. The only thing I think about is how long I can stay away from the doctor's office before it becomes serious. Experience has taught me to avoid them at all costs!