Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is It A Wasted Day When…?

  • You have writer’s block so you spend the morning of your writing day cleaning your kitchen appliances instead of writing?
  • Your appliances are gleaming and you still have writer’s block?
  • Your husband looks at your appliances and only notices the spot you forgot to gleam?
  • You try to have your daughter’s camera fixed, but Black’s (where you bought it) won’t send it in because their computer is down and they won’t let you leave the camera there because the paper you have to sign isn’t available because the computer is down?
  • You go to Old Navy for socks for yourself and end up with men’s socks because they only have anklets and big fuzzy warm socks and men’s socks and you don’t want to go to another store just for socks?
  • You go to three different places looking for picture frames and none of these place have frames in the size or style you want?
  • You go back to Black’s and their computer is still down?
  • … you go home with something to write about?

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