Monday, June 6, 2011

Grand Grandkids

The grandkids and their mom came to visit from Saskatchewan for a few weeks. There is something wonderfully satisfying about being a Mom’s Mom or Oma. You get all the benefits of hanging around descendants without the responsibility of discipline. I enjoy watching a daughter we spent years directing and guiding, lovingly parenting her children to be the little gaffers we appreciate.
Karen'svisit 106
A tea party with the aunts.
Karen'svisit 110
A visit to the nation’s capital.
Karen'svisit 044
Karen'svisit 047
Our visit to Tiffany Falls.
LindaBDMontrealetc 086
And Albion Falls.
Karen'svisit 005
Julie with Aunt Rachel.
Karen'svisit 001  
Karen'svisit 103    
LindaBDMontrealetc 076
African Lion Safari.
Karen'svisit 086       
Sidewalk chalking with Aunt Linda.
Karen'svisit 099
Watering Plants.
Karen'svisit 095 
Reading endless stories.
Karen'svisit 078
Arm wrestling with Uncle John.
 Karen'svisit 057
Our little navigators.
Karen'svisit 013

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