Friday, March 11, 2016

The Controller - Installment # 5 in which Mork, the angel, acknowledges frustration

A month later, just as Jenny and Allen finish inventory and Allen is ready to call Nick, Nick breezes in. He looks around. “I see the decorator hasn’t been here yet. Here’s his number...better give him a call.” Nick pulls out his phone and rattles off a number. “His name is Alphonse.”
Allen obediently writes the number on a notepad. 
After they go over the list of company assets, Nick leans across Allen's desk, “I have to get your take on truthful with me.” He fixes his smoky blue eyes on Allen. “Years ago I made a major investment in a goldmine in South America. Well, it’s paid off. They hit a major vein. It looks very much like I’ll have returns rolling in for at least 10 years. I want to invest that money into this company.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
“So, I’m counting on you to come up with an extensive expansion plan for ABC. Think big. We will have the money.”
“Right. Is next March still soon enough?” Allen asks.
“Sure. There is just one other thing.” Nick sits down in front of the desk. “I need to set up a way to get my money out of Brazil and into Canada. That involves the courts. It’s just a regulatory thing. Anyway I need about $5,000 to get that done. I am wondering if I could borrow from this company. You know a temporary loan, a month at the most.”
Allen sits down and writes the cheque. He calls Jenny in to co-sign. He hands the cheque to Nick.
Nick waves the cheque on his way out, “here’s to a bigger and better company.”

Mork here. Sitting on my hands. What is the use being a guardian angel that can’t do a bloody thing? Excuse the language. Allen could have said at least one little prayer before he handed over that cheque. Not that the money doesn't actually belong to Nick, but a word of wisdom would be helpful here. All I can do is watch my boy fall into a trap. 
A month to the day Nick comes back to the officeagain waving a chequethis time it is one that he made out to the company. “Here is the $5,000.  The money will be flowing now. And the gold vein is richer than originally predicted. That mine is worth at least $14 million and possibly over a billion. Listen if you have any extra money looking for a place to invest, let me know.”
“How so?” Allen's curiosity is piqued.   
Nick sits down to explains, “To get maximum benefit out of our mining operation we are setting up a refinery—our own gold refinery right on site. That takes an initial investment, but by my calculations our own refinery will easily double our profits. Any investment you make at this point will bring in one hundred percent profit for you within two years, guaranteed.” Nick stands up to leave. “Let me know. I’m only making the offer this generous for a few insiders, so to speak.” Before Allen has a chance to respond, Nick is out the door.

Okay he better pray about this one is all I have to say. Well, look at that he is.

Allen looks down at his desk, “Lord, what should I do with this?” he mutters.

That’s a start. Now, listen for the answer buddy. You might be thinking a prayer like that would give me some work to do, but I will have to wait and see. In a case like this the Lord just might speak to Allen directly, in fact that’s what I’m thinking he will do. He really likes talking with his children. He calls it communing with them. If, say, He tells Allen to invest $10,000 and that the money will be there for him to invest, then He will definitely be telling me to go about helping Allen get the $10,000 to invest. Fat chance that will happen though, and I will tell you why. I suspect Nick doesn’t have a gold mine. We’ll have to wait and see, but all the signs are pointing that way. I also suspect Allen is in for a life lesson here. Hopefully he learns it.
Okay, I see the Lord’s answer coming in. The Lord’s answer is one word: nothing. The problem is  Allen is already finished praying. He's back on his computer. 

Jenny comes in a little later surreptitiously to check some figures, “I couldn’t help but hear what Nick was saying. So, what are you going to do?”
“I think I just might invest a little something. This sounds like a once in a lifetime deal.”
Sounds like something you should think about...maybe even pray about.
Allen looked up at Jenny. I actually did say a prayer."
What do you mean, and?"
“What did the Lord say?
“Nothing, of course.” Allen looks somewhat confused,  Jennie, I'm a bit concerned about you. God is real, but he doesn't actually talk to us. 

You see what I have to put up with? 

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