Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Controller - Installment # 3 in which we glimpse the inner workings of the workplace

Allen bows his head and then looks up. “Jenny, we may be in trouble...Nick is our sole boss now.”
“He told me the board is a thing of the past.”
“So maybe that's good. No more waffling on decisions. There is only one guy to say what goes.”
Allen strokes his chin. “And no one to stop him from doing whatever he bloody-well wants. There are over a hundred happy people in this company. I want it to stay that way. This has always been a good place to work, even if the decision-making process is...was a little convoluted.”
“I think you are just a typical accountant. You want things to be predictable.” She smiles a little knowing smile. “We’ll just have to pray that all goes well.” With that Jenny bounces out of the office.

For a moment there, I thought I might have something to doAllen actually looked like he was going to pray...wishful thinking on my part perhaps. Well, maybe, there will be something heading down the pipes. I can feel it in my wings. If I know humans, and I’ve been around for thousands upon thousands of years and seen a lot of them, I judge that Nick could get a little sleazy. Too bad I can’t warn Allen...might save some grief. That’s the thing about my BOSS, he always holds out for the best to show up in everybody, and I mean everybody.
Hitler is a prime example. That guy was one bad apple. Yetand I still don’t truly understand itGod gave that man every chance under heaven to turn his life around. That’s another thing about God: He is true to his Word. He said He’d give man charge over the things in this world and that is what He does. It’s totally up to them to ask for His help or He stays out of it even if Satan gets in there messing things up.
I just hope Allen asks for more help than he has been or this will not go well and I have to be here sitting on my hands doing absolutely nothing. My boy's spiritual ears, are closed and his spiritual eyes are totally undeveloped. What's an angel to do?  At least he reads his Bible…when he has time. 

A week later Nick calls Allen, “Listen I need some advice. Do you have time to see me?”
“Sure, boss. Any time that works for you.”
They decide Nick will come in first thing the next morning. “It shouldn’t take more than an hour, I don’t think.” Nick says.

 I can see that Allen is somewhat baffled. He goes back to work, but every ten minutes or so he looks up, ponders, wrinkles his nose, twitches, and generally looks confused—you get the idea.

Finally Allen rings Jenny to come in. “Jenny, tomorrow the boss is coming in to seek my advice.”
“He is?”
“Don’t look so baffled. I give sound advice.”
“I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but since when does he take advice?”
“Well, that’s why I want you to be involved. I’m thinking this might be the start of something good. I'm guessing Nick has realized he needs us to make this company run smoothly. The thing is we both know he doesn’t always...how shall I say it? He doesn’t always come away from a situation with an understanding of what took place. A little ADHD possibly. So...I would like you to be taking notes. Of course, I’ll ask him first. Tomorrow morning if I call you into the meeting that’s what I would like you to do. Any questions?”
“Okay, I’ll be there with my steno pad...and I thought you hired me for bookkeeping. Good thing I’m flexible.” She winks at Allen and leaves. 

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