Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Controller - Installment #11 in which Allen delights the angels

Mork leaves Allen to make his own way home. He surfaces directly into the throne room.
Yes, God.
I see your frustration, Mork, but things are about to break. Be attentive. Jenny will be praying for Allen in the next little while. Your instructions will be rather vague, so be creative, take liberties. Now, go enjoy your assignment. 

The next day before Jenny shows up, Allen bounces into work with a bouquet of red and white carnations which he arranges in a vase and sets on her desk with a note, “Thanks for listening.”

Mork, more attentive than ever, waits for a clue, any clue for action on his part. What in the world did God mean by take liberties? Surely God didn’t want him to act on his own. He needed to minister to his person. Mork knew better than to initiate anything. Look where that got Satan. He would have to wait for instructions and maybe use creative liberties in the initiation of those instruction. God wasn’t legalistic but he had his standards. Justice and mercy.
Marvel appears that morning with the glow of joy, which Mork recognizes as the joy of angel work. He tells Mork that Jenny had skipped breakfast. She’s decided to fast and pray for the next three days. Powerful. Mork is impressed. There is hope.

For three days nothing much else happens to match the expectation in the air. Then on the third day, Allen kneels beside his desk. Tears stream down his face. “Lord forgive me. Lord, forgive me. Lord, forgive me.”

Mork cradles him in his wings and whispers forgiveness. Jenny can obviously hear the commotion but stays at her desk, praying under her breath in tongues. Her language is the language of angels. Mork and Marvel understand every word and listen in amazement as Jenny, who doesn't know what she is praying, prays clarity into every one of Allen’s dilemmas. She even prays answers to dilemmas he doesn't know he has.
In that instant Mork and Marvel have a salad-plate full of assignments. They clap their wings and fly around the offices in delight. Allen gets up speaking in tongues which he has never in his life done or even wanted to do.

“Jenny, I have to share this with you. I feel so free. I feel clean. My life is so worth living. I have dedicated myself to do the Lord’s will. He spoke to me. He said...” and here Allen chokes up, “He said He loves me. And, and He forgives me for living without him. Funny, all this time I thought I was living with Him, but really I’ve never even heard Him before.”

Mork flies around the room again. Glory, glory, glory, glory Hallelujah!

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