Friday, April 1, 2016

The Controller - Installment #8 - in which Mork complains

Back at the homestead, Allen walks through the various rooms, musing about his life. Did he want to stay here? He could buy a condominium...sell this place. What would he get for this old house? Probably a lot more if he spruced it up. Never mind selling, he needed to update. There were only so many times you could glue the wallpaper edges back down. Maybe he should talk to a decorator.

Allen inadvertently finds an opportunity to do something about his home, when he calls Nick’s designer friend to have a look at the offices. Alphonse waltzes into the workplace first thing one morning, takes a quick peek around, then drags a chair into a corner where he sits with his laptop. “Don’t mind me, I like to get the feel of a place.” Two hours later he leaves promising to have the work done while the office is closed on the weekend.

The following Monday, Allen and Melanie have a hard time recognizing their offices: the walls have been painted, the floors recovered throughout and the furniture rearranged.
“Everything is so bright and fresh,” Melanie declares.
Allen looks around sceptically, “I have to get used to having my desk over here by the window.”        
Yet, it takes him less than a day to realize that Alphonse is a genius. His filing cabinet, his computer, everything is in exactly the right place.
At the end of the day, Allen phones Alphonse to thank him. “And by the way, do you do homes?”
They arrange for an evening consultation.

At the appointed time, a trim, attractive young woman knocks at Allen's door.
“And, who are you?” 
“I’m Shirley, I work for Alphonse. Pleased to meet you,” she extends her hand.
 Allen feels electricity.
Shirley steps in and looks around, “I love these old homes.” She rubs her hand down the rich wood oak trim of the door frame into the living room. 
“The place needs a bit of something possibly,” Allen says suddenly wanting to apologize for the wallpaper.
“Is it okay if I wander through? I like to take pictures if that's okay.”
Allen nods.
Later, they sit down at the kitchen table. “You keep a very neat home…but it does need some attention,” Shirley lays out several options from the cheapest simple advice to the most expensive complete overhaul by Alphonse. They settle on a middle ground with Shirley providing a plan. 
I assure you the added value on your home will more than pay for this,” Shirley says. They shake hands and again Allen feels a tingle.
Shirley shows up the following week with two plans. The first is a simple cosmetic makeover, paint and up-to-date accent d├ęcor. The second plan involves renovation options for a new kitchen and an expanded bathroom with a whirlpool tub on the second floor.
Allen decides to think about it. 

Okay, Allen you’ve been so busy that you haven’t even had time to give me a stitch of work. My next contract I think I’m going to ask the Lord for someone who takes this spiritual realm seriously. My friend Leman over in China is getting a lot of amazing work right now. His human is one of these guys without a material concern in the world. He doesn’t usually know where his next meal is coming from or where he is going to be sleeping. Leman is constantly arranging divine appointments and setting up miracles. The last ‘almost work’ I had was getting Nick out of  Allen’s office. What kind of assignment is that? I don’t know why the Lord doesn’t just call me into a special project. I’m next to useless here. 
Wait a minute...look at this…a small miracles: Allen is praying. Praise be to God. Although he's probably praying about what kind of tiles to buy for the kitchen. 

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