Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Controller - Installment #9 - in which Allen tries to make decisions

Allen quietly prays, “Oh God, help me with this.” Then he grabs a notepad and makes three columns. At the top of the page he writes, 'decisions to be made.' He labels the columns, past, present and future. On the left side he writes 'issues,' and underlines this. Then he sits and thinks. Finally, he writes in the present column, 'sell house' and under that he writes 'buy house.' He draws a line under that and writes 'dress up house' and under that he writes 'renovate.' He works his way down the page: 'invest in gold mine,' 'find a new job,' 'ask Shirley out.' He doesn’t know why he has written past, present and future as everything hinges on his present.
Allen walks around contemplating his list. In the front hall, he notices the mail scattered across the floor where it always lands when the mail carrier pushes it through the slot in his front door. He gathers up an assortment of flyers and several envelopes. One of these appears to be from Powerhouse. He rips it open. Inside he finds a note.

Dear Mr. Jenkins,
Thank you for visiting our church and filling out our questionnaire. We hope you get to know us in the near future.
Pastor John

Allen goes back to his list and writes 'keep an eye on Melanie.' 
“Lord help me to make some decisions.” Allen is feeling himself getting annoyed. 
He stares at his list and can’t make up his mind on any of it. If only he could talk this over with someone. He thinks of Jenny. She always has a listening ear about work-related stuff. She might be able to help him sort through this. He’ll ask her tomorrow. Maybe take her out for dinner after work.
The next morning Allen seizes the opportunity when Jenny tells him she had had a rather mundane evening catching up on laundry and politely asks about his evening.
“Well actually, Jenny,” Allen says,  “I was trying to make some decisions. I didn't get anywhere. I guess that never happens to you.”
“What kind of decisions?”
“Personal.” He looks at Jenny with pleading eyes.
“You want my help?”
“How did you know?”
“That’s the look you give me when you don’t understand something in my bookkeeping.”
“Maybe we could go some place for dinner. I’ll pay. Allen says. And, you could help me by listening. I used to talk about these things with my sister, but not since she moved out. I hardly see her any more.” Suddenly Allen feels foolish. Why is he allowing Melanie to see this personal side of him?
Melanie appears to be thinking about it.
“Okay, after all, my laundry is done.”

Mork and Marvel exchange glances.

At 5:30 Jenny and Allen leave the building. ABC headquarters is in Unit 6 of row 5 in an industrial complex. Allen locks the door. They decide to walk to a chain restaurant a short kilometre away.

 Mork and Marvel follow two steps behind, smiling their angel smiles.

"Table for two?" the hostess asks. She shows them to a booth in a corner. 

There is plenty of room for Mork and Marvel to fill in beside them. 

While munching on garlic bread appetizers, Allen works through what he might say. He blurts, “This was a dumb idea. Why would you want to hear my personal dilemmas…they aren’t even dilemmas. I’m just having trouble sorting through some decisions that I need to make.”
“Fire away. I’m generally a good listener, or so people say.”
Allen looks down at the table, “It’s like this salad. Lots of stuff going on at the same time. Different stuff but it all works together and I want to sort it out, but it gets all scrambled up together. Why can’t I just put it into a spreadsheet and see the obvious?”
“A real man’s problem,” Jenny says.
“What does that mean?”
“Men like to compartmentalize.”
“And you don’t? Miss Bookkeeper.”
“You got me there.”

Mork here. I would love to add some clarity to this conversation. These earthlings don’t know much. Wisdom from on high is at a whole other level. Sure, Allen has been been sending up prayers, but as I mentioned before he doesn't listens for the answers and I don't think he even expects them. He could be sitting here totally at peace knowing that God is on this.
Marvel here. Don't underestimate my girl Jenny. 

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