Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book a Speech Now

Public speaking is thrilling, like riding a roller coaster or skiing a big hill, only safer. I enjoy the challenge. I even like that nervous stomach thing that happens just before the speech. I love making the audience laugh, hearing applause and selling books. It's all good.

Last year, after two years of training with Toastmasters International, I accepted my first booking, "Bedtime Stories" at a Ladies Conference. This was followed by "the parent speech" at my daughter's grade eight graduation, and a sermon at church.

Then a kick-off speech for the Tillsonburg Christian Reformed Church Ladies' Bible Study on James and a speech on Truth  at the ladies mid-week Oasis at West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton....

What They Told Me Afterward
Thank you for coming to speak to us this morning. Everything you said was a good reminder and affirmation of what God's plan is for our lives and God-willing, an eye opener for those ladies who have not as of yet made a commitment to the Lord.
Gail Panasiuk, mid-week ladies Oasis Group, West Highland Baptist 

Thank you Marian denBoer for speaking to our group in Tillsonburg. You were inspiring, witty and very relevant. Looking forward to reading your book. God Bless.
Wilma VanGurp, Tillsonburg CRC Ladies Group

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