Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Have a Cell Phone

I didn’t want this to be my cell phone, but the phone company wasn’t about to sell a phone to my daughter, the one without a credit card. What if she didn’t pay her bills?

So, my college-age daughter’s phone became mine in her possession. We signed up for the best plan going (according to the company). She could phone ten numbers anywhere and have unlimited texting all for the price of $35/month which is really $52/month when you count the hidden charges.

The phone fell in a sink full of water the day before my daughter had to return to McGill in Montreal after Christmas break.

She tried to dry it up with a hair dryer, but alas the 3,6 and 9 were no longer effective keys.

We went back to the phone company, where on the advice of the young girl, we bought a replacement phone for $49 which is really $67.

I claimed the old phone. I put it in rice which according to some is supposed to draw the water out. I did this in the name of good stewardship. I hate to throw out something that might be fixed.

After a day in rice, the phone still isn’t working. It’s sitting on the shelf in my office. I should throw it out.


Anonymous said...

S. lost her MP3 player and we found it about 6 days later outside in snow we put it in rice for about 3 days and it works fine now. So I'd put it back in the rice for a few more days.

Marian said...

That's amazing Tami. Okay back into the rice it goes, although I don't know what to do with it once it works again.

Anonymous said...

Back up or better yet put it into your vehicle even though it may not be "activated" you can still call 911. Just make sure you have it charged keep the charger in your car and charge it every once in a while, when your driving.

Marian said...

Thanks Tami. The things I don't know about!