Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Animal in the Attic (part 2)

Upon further investigation I discovered a plastic roof vent smashed. The vent hole open to the sky provided a perfect doorway into our attic. Bits of torn screening hung down the sides.

This had to be the work of a raccoon. Relying on limited experience and urban lore I attempted to handle the situation.

I've heard raccoons don’t like heavy metal music played loudly. I rooted through our CD collection and came up with “The Best of CCR”—the closest thing we own to heavy metal. I put disc 1 in the player which I pushed up through the attic entrance in a bedroom closet ceiling. I cranked up the volume. Then I stood outside on the neighbour’s driveway expecting the coon to pop out of the vent with his paws over his ears. I wish. A raccoon didn’t come out, but the neighbours did.

(to be continued)

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