Friday, July 8, 2011

Raccoon in the House (part 5)


Two days later I happened to look up at the soffit and fascia on the second floor just above the garage. Here’s a picture.

New camera experiments 018

Now what?

Obviously a raccoon had made our home her permanent residence. We were dealing with a squatter. I checked out my options on the internet and decided to call Humane Wildlife Control Inc. This, not out of concern for the humane treatment of the coon, but because this company guaranteed their ability to make my home a raccoon-proof fortress.

Soon we all may be wanting such fortresses. If each mama coon continues producing a litter of three of four youngsters until death by automobile or anarchist, humans will shortly be outnumbered.

Personally I think urban coons should be harvested as coonskin caps.

(to be continued)

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Laura J. Davis said...

Loving this story Marion, although I'm sure you did not like it at the time. I have two rather large raccoon's that hang out around my house. They are so big (fat would be the operative word here) that I wonder how they would be able to climb up our house into the attic. So far we have been lucky, but now you got me wondering for how long?