Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Coons Prefer to Break Out (Part 12)

I called Humane Wildlife Control again.

Jennifer promised to send Chris over the very next day. (Yes, the Wildlife Control people are so much a part of my life, we’re on a first name basis.)

Chris read the footprints on the wall. According to him there are only one set of footprints and they are leading out.


And, the one-way door hasn’t been used.

New camera experiments 173  Chris explained some coons won’t use one-way doors. These coons are rather rare. Chris has only come across about a handful in his five years at the job.


Janet Sketchley said...

This has been a fun series to read, Marian, and I'm sure it's funnier for you looking back than as it happened. Hope you've officially won now!

Marian said...

Thanks Janet. Yes, we feel like we have our home back...although a little worse with the battle scars.